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I will not be modest that "I will write just a few words" ...


      Hello everyone!

      My name is Mariya!   

It was my 3rd birthday, straight from Paris, When the French VOGUE 08'1990 fell into the hands of mine and there was Fanny Ardant on the cover. It was the first fashion magazine in my life. Since then I keep it tremulously as a pleasant childhood experience.

Leafing through the pages my world couldn't be the same. That's true in a positive direction.

Traveling and studying in a lot of different cultures, reading books, training professionally in the field of fashion and photography, over the time I reached my personal concept of vision and hit on the idea worldview. Now I am a photographer and a director of short videos and a personal stylist. For many years I have been engaged in commercial portrait and fashion photography, as well as being a professional stylist and image maker. I will create unique photo and video content according to your personal  appearance and lifestyle. 

As more I am on a roll as more I am ready to share my experience with other.

I sincerely believe you will enjoy working with me!)


PS. The site was born on the principle of 'agile' - the information will be actively updated)